Thursday, 15 May 2014

Geeknote - Command line interface for Evernote

I have been using Evernote for several years and have been a premium member since 2011 as I was using it so much before then. I use it for work and for home, for recipes and for code, for pretty much everything. I use a modified version of The Secret Weapon for tracking tasks and priorities. I also use IFTTT to connect it to my Google calendar for repeating reminders, such recurring tasks at work and worming the cat. You get the message I like Evernote. However, I also spend a lot of time at the command line and while the global shortcut keys are really useful it is a very one way process. I often use them to save beautifully crafted one-liners, quickly store the results of an ad-hoc analysis or take a quick screen-shot. They are great, but they don't really let me get at the project management and task tracking features that I use Evernote for. It has never been a big deal, just a niggle that it doesn't quite fit together as well as I like.

 Then I found evernote-mode for emacs and thought I had found the solution. I hadn't. I could see that is was useful, but it didn't really fit with how I work, even though I spend a lot of time in emacs. I realised what I wanted was something like the amazing todo.txt but with Evernote as the backend. Then I found Geeknote and I could tell from the tag line "Are you a geek? Do you like Evernote? Geeknote - is for you!" that I had found what I wanted. I got it installed without too much trouble, and logged in, which I was pleased to see supported the two-step authentication that lets me sleep at nights. I just needed to change the editor to emacs (actually 'emacsclient -t', but that is for another post, maybe) and I was set. I could create new  notes, complete with my Secret Weapon GTD tags, edit existing notes, re-tag notes to change priorities, everything I wanted. I love the search functionality and the ability to refer to notes from previous searches simply by their number. I now have set up a bunch of bash aliases to add new tasks and view what I should be doing. It isn't quite there yet but I will tweak and expand on my workflow.
For those that are interested this is in my .bashrc at the moment:
These just allow me to quickly add notes with a priority then view notes by priority. I just need to type and I know what I should be doing. I will probably add more wrapping to simplify some tasks such as changing the priority of a task etc, but for now I am just loving the way I can add a note at the command line and within seconds it appears on my phone's Evernote widget, amazing integration. Also in reverse I can add a reminder on my phone while dropping the kids at school and find it waiting on my command line at work ( after typing todo)

I will try and post more of my config and experience after I have used it for a while and see how it fits with my workflow. 

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